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Sweeping And Brooming


Sweeping and Brooming

We have a fleet of 14 parking lot and road sweepers to service all of our customer’s needs. All of our trucks are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure your customers are not inconvenienced by the cleaning operation. Not only do we work around the clock, but we also offer GPS tracking to ensure that our customers get what they are expecting.

Our parking lot operators are highly skilled and thoroughly trained to meet the highest standards our customers expect. All of our parking lot services include blowing out all planters and sidewalks to ensure that when we leave there is no debris left behind. Not only do we maintain asphalt parking lots, we also can maintain your pervious concrete parking lots as well. Give us a call and we can set you up on a maintenance plan that will suit your individual needs.

Not only do we offer parking lot sweeping services, we also offer street sweeping, milling sweeping, and project sweeping services to suit the needs of general contractors, pavers, earth work contractors, & home owners associations. Give us a call and we can give you hourly pricing or by the job pricing to fit your budget.

Street Sweeping and Brooming